Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist

The people of Japan are known for many things; including weird game shows. Some of them are so bizarre, that folks in other countries don’t believe they actually exist. Yet over and over again, participants in these game shows are put through hundreds of situations which are humiliating to say the least. Although the game shows are wild and funny, they can also be regarded as strange, viciously distasteful and right out crazy.

Check out the compilation to see some of the wildest and weirdest Japanese game shows that do actually exist!

TORE! – Unlike game shows in other countries, the Japanese don’t feel that the stress of getting the questions right isn’t enough. To make it even more bizarre, answering them wrong can be costly. It will always lead to the contestants being subjected to punishments that are interesting, but strange.

Sokkuri Sweets – Imagine having a person show you everyday items that could or could not be edible. That is the premise behind this weird Japanese game show. Contestants are made to bite into items and objects that people use every day. The catch is that some can be made of cake or chocolate, while others are made of actual regular non-edible materials.

Dero! Dero! – Forcing participants to answer tough questions, solve puzzles and do other normal game show things is not sufficient for the Japanese. In addition, they have to do this while in situations that are high in stress or make the pressure extreme.

The Burn Game – Even trying to explain how this game works is strange and difficult. Here, the object of the game is to have girls made to stand in front of a sketched body. Each drawing has a hole on it. Next, the girls have to stick out their backsides. Then, each one needs to figure out which back part belongs to whom. Weird right?

Human Tetris – If you thought maneuvering Tetris pieces on a video game was hard, try playing it as a human. Every contestant has to try to make it through rapidly moving walls that appear before them. The key is to try and fit through the holes which are on the walls as cutouts.


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