Top Netflix Asian TV Shows movies and series

There was a time when the choices available for what people watched on TV were limited. Either the programming was not good or it didn’t contain scenarios or characters which related to them. Today, thanks to companies producing their own programs, those issues are gone. Streaming sites such as Netflix bring them right to you. Now the only problem is finding enough time to watch all the great content on Television.

Below is a list of some excellent Asian TV shows, movies and series you may want to check out.

Reality of Dream – This series centers around five friends who went to college together. One is a singer, the other a film director, a hair stylist, successful writer and the rich wife.

12 Years Promise – Consequences behind a one-night stand for two people lead to some interesting scenarios in this series.

Ode To My Father – A refugee who lost both his father and sister makes a promise he must keep in this emotional movie. 

Trot Lovers – A music producer looking to make a comeback takes on a young client. He helps a woman whose singing style is unoriginal and tries to make it work.

Heaven’s Garden – A young woman is forced to move in with her father after her husband lands in jail. Along with her two daughters, she tries to reconcile with her estranged dad.

Mr. Sunshine – Set in the year 1871, a Korean boy who lived in the United States travels back to Korea. Back home, he falls in love with a noble woman.

Black – The premise behind this drama is about a young female girl who can see death before it happens. In a plot twist, she ends up developing a relationship with the character who plays the grim reaper.

The Sound Of Your Heart – Known in Korea by the name of “Maeumui Sori,” this comedy looks at the lifestyles of a modern Korean family. The story is taken from a South Korean web cartoon with the same name.

Lucid Dream – Viewers will witness true lovers, time travel and much more in this alternate reality sci-fi show.

Moorim School – Those who like romance and excitement will find this movie very entertaining. The story centers around two students with different backgrounds who go to the Moorim School.



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